It’s easy to criticize people in charge but it’s a lot harder to be the person in charge. Creating a desirable work environment is as good as it is possible to be. Most companies have come up with a systematic production workflow that guides them all the way through. Midtown Printing Co., Inc. takes its aim to be a systematic, standardized, and methodical service bureau by providing didactic production procedures not only to the people engaged but even to its clientele.

Being part of the System requires a complete attention with regard to every detail of the process. Coming up with this prepress operation primer is purposely designed for improving, revising and documenting the fundamental steps on how to properly treat not only the project stakeholders but most importantly the needed materials.

It’s important to take full charge on every project you are assigned to, but taking its full responsibility does not end to just simply knowing the file. Putting together a desirable work setup is vital to guarantee quality output and service. This primer will be an easy reference for all concerns on what to do with a certain jobbing. The intended objective of which is to maximize the speed and internal space of the computer units by having an improved, consistent and streamlined system in organizing, archiving and retrieving of files. Easy file management and knowing the jobbing specifications and status at any given time especially when a certain project has to be handled by a different person can be an ideal production scheme and the goal of this primer. Hence, taking time to study and learning the fundamental information stated on this primer will somehow help the production department forecast an approximated date and time of completion of a certain jobbing, determine an imminent production inaccuracies and expedite the printing process.