These are times of scarcity. Resources are getting scarce. There is one resource, however, that is intangible but has become very precious: time.

Time as a resource is also getting scarce with people having increasingly more things to do and care about in a given time. Always, there seems to be a constant lack of it. Deadlines from material submission to delivery are becoming shorter. Everyone is in a serious hurry.

In printing, customers bring their jobs when they needed it printed the day before. While work is being rushed, the demand for even better quality is building up. The time saved in the computerizing of print work did not always translate to shorter production time; it went to customers asking for more enhancements, colors, and graphics.

To address the growing need to have more from out of short production time and still staying competitive and cost effective, Midtown takes advantage of innovations in printing technologies. Midtown also takes advantage of the latest technologies from Adobe, Apple, Heidelberg, HP, IBM and from many other companies that add up to customer convenience, print precision, sharpness, speed, and color quality.

In scarcity, we should work fast to save time. We should do quality throughout the work process to save on resources. We should do great art and design to delight. We are proud of what has been achieved. But the call to constantly make our work better never ends.