The yearbook printing specialist.

Quality is what gives Midtown its value.

About the Company

It is a challenge indeed –– beating deadlines while betting on satisfaction.

This mission made every decade a milestone of breakthroughs and successes in the printing business. Midtown is a consistent provider of services that specifically responds to the demand of both the business and consumer market.

Being one of the industry’s leaders, Midtown has long acquired expertise in yearbook printing, making turning points of our lives memorable. Midtown made it possible to set the standard in different forms of publications.

With the company’s multi-faceted flair, it continues to serve the valued academe with educational learning media, and to relentlessly impart the culture of excellence.

Humble Beginning

Midtown Printing Co., Inc.
Midtown Printing Co., Inc.
Midtown Printing Co., Inc.
Midtown Printing Co., Inc.
Midtown Printing Co., Inc.
Midtown Printing Co., Inc.
Midtown Printing Co., Inc.
Midtown Printing Co., Inc.
Midtown Printing Co., Inc.
Midtown Printing Co., Inc.

Founded in 1967, Midtown started as a small-scale printer to become one of the country’s well-established printing companies in the industry today. The company earned its stead from the trust and confidence of satisfied customers for decades of well-founded experience.

In 1998, Midtown opened its doors to the academic community by publishing its own line of book titles, authored and illustrated by local talents, and carefully prepared to enhance classroom experience of young learners.

Midtown then opened its own photography studio, which later expanded to a multimedia service doing video coverage for special events, producing interactive yearbook in DVDs, and a wide range of multimedia and graphic services.

For corporate needs such as printing and designing of magazines, business cards, brochures, posters, labels, invitations, corporate identity and collateral materials, MPCICorporate was established in 2011, catering the increasing demands of corporate clients.

More than just outliving the competition, Midtown’s thrust is to keep its customers satisfied by giving them their money’s worth: quality. Not only in printed graphics, but as well as in moving captures of significant events.

Company's Thrust

Company's Thrust


An exemplary printing company known to specialize in the production and publication of world-class quality yearbooks, school publications, and corporate collaterals.


Midtown Printing Co., Inc. commits to maintain excellence and even go beyond being the leading Mindanao-based printing and publishing in the Philippines. We commit to continually expand our market and range of services in all cities and regions of the country especially in yearbooks, school publications and books and photography; to increase the level of customer satisfaction by constant upgrading of our facilities to give high quality and cost efficient printing services to our clients.


We operate under an enduring set of values that guide our actions to promote individual productivity, company’s progress and develop sound human relations.

  • Integrity
  • Care
  • Performance
  • Unity


Midtown Milestone


In a world of nearly infinite content, consumers are looking for one-stop-shop. Count Midtown as one. We can provide all you need. Equipped with the excellence of the company’s different divisions, we assure to give you the output you deserve. Printing equipment and facilities are also top priority because we believe that our high-end equipment bring the best outputs.

Prepress Department

  • Mac Pro 3.7 QC/D300
  • Wacom Intous Pen and Touch Tablet
  • Upgraded Memory and SSD
Apple System
  • iMac 27” Intel Core i5
  • iMac Intel Core 2 Duo
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • iMac G5
  • Power Mac Apple G5 64 Bit
  • Dual-Core Processors
  • Power Mac Apple G4 Powerstations
  • Apple iMac G4
  • Power Mac Apple G3 Powerstations
  • Apple iMac G3
  • iBook
  • Apple Power PC 7100 to 9600
  • EPSON Expression 10000 XL
  • AgFA Scan t5000
  • AgFA Scan t2000
  • HP ML370
  • iBM Blade Center H Chassis
  • 3 iBM Blade Center HS21 Servers
  • iBM TS3100 Tape Drive
  • iBM System Storage DS3200
  • 42U iBM Rack Cabinet
Printing Applications
  • Adobe InDesign CS6, 5.5 and CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6, 5.1 and CC
Graphic Designers Application
  • Adobe InDesign CS6, 5.5 and CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6, 5.1 and CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 and CC
  • Adobe Premier CS5 and CC
  • Heidelberg Prinect Workflow
  • Heidelberg Color Management System
  • Apple Final Cut 5.1
Digital Imaging Equipment
  • Dell Server
  • Heidelberg Suprasetter A105 w/ single cassette loader (CTP)
  • Agfa Phoenix 2000 Imagesetter
  • Agfa Accuset 1000 Imagesetter
  • Agfa Rapiflex 51
  • Agfa Rapiline 66-E2
  • Agfa Apogee X
  • Superdot Online Processor
Quality Control Equipment
  • I one Publish Pro 2
  • Xrite Spectrometer
  • Film Gretag Densitometer
  • Gretag Reflection Densitometer (3 units)
  • Xrite Advanced Pro

Press Department

Offset Press Machines
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster 74, 4 colors
  • Suprasetter A75
  • Heidelberg PM-74 (2 colors)
  • Heidelberg GTO-52 (4 colors)
  • Heidelberg GTO-52 (2 colors)
  • Heidelberg GTO-52 (single color)
  • Solna 125 (single color) (3 units)
  • Solna 164 (single color)
  • Color Metal (single color)
Digital Press Machines
  • RICOH Mono Digital Printer
  • HP Indigo 3050
  • Fuji Xerox Docucolor 3535
  • Fuji Xerox Apeos Port 750 I
  • Duplo Duprinter Press DP-460
  • HP INDIGO 3050

Postpress Department

  • Polar Mohr N115 Plus
  • Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti52/Fi52
  • Baum Folding Machine
  • Stahl Folding Machine
  • Muller Martini Sewing Machine (2 units)
  • Pradeck Cover-Maker
  • Pradeck Cover-Trimmer
  • Clearpack Shrink Wrapping Machine
  • Pradeck Cover-Pressing
  • Wolk Book-Press Machine
  • Sumbel Gluing Machine
  • Embossing Machine (2 units)
  • Minerva Number/Die-Cutting Machine
  • Willis-Atlas 3 Knives Cutter
  • Heidelberg Bind Expert Machine (2 units)
  • Itokikai Saddle-Stitching Machine
  • iSP Stitching Machine
  • GMP Laminating Machine (2 units)
  • Duplo DFC-12 Collator
  • Spring Binder (3 units)
  • Long-Arm Stapler (5 pcs)
  • Nebiolo Die-Cutting Machine
  • Heidelberg Die-Cutting Machine
  • Linotype Setting Machine
  • Scroll-Saw Machine
  • Heidelberg Numbering Machine
  • UV Machine

Motion Pictures

Corporate Partners

An exclusive corporate partnership based on contributing to the alliance and its essential programs benefitting from privileged access to a global pool of top brands from the world’s leading print deliverable suppliers. This partnership structure enables the Company and our Corporate Partners to contribute actively and benefit widely on a variety of fronts within the network.

Midtown Printing Co., Inc.