Midtown is geared towards a structured and more efficient service bureau in order to adapt on growing demands and to suit on a purpose or needs. With the advent of advanced technology these days, the company constantly upgrades production facilities to give high quality and cost efficient printing services. For that reason, Midtown is not that far in achieving its goal to intensify client satisfaction.

To defy the ever changing market, the company has classified its four major production divisions.

MPCI Yearbook Division, the company’s prime enterprise where school annuals are put together.

MPCI Corporate Division, where its operation is intended to respond to customers’ corporate needs from printing and designing of magazines, business cards, brochures, posters, labels, invitations, corporate identity and collateral materials.

MPCI Book Development and Publishing Division is geared towards book publishing, design, copyright and ISBN processing.

MPCI Photography and Multimedia Division provides customer needs, from photo shoots, visual graphic conceptualization and design, product photo advertising, interactive DVDs and event documentations.