Printing is one of the pillars of the Constitution guaranteed freedom of speech. Printing allows free speech to be published and distributed and to be appreciated by many. It is, therefore, important to consider that the work at Midtown Printing Co., Inc. (Midtown) is a worthy endeavor. Much more so when we begin to elevate printing to incorporate art and design loaded with purpose and meaning.

It is also said, that a picture paints a thousand words, and so when we put together words and pictures we create the visualization of purpose and meaning beyond the ordinary, that is to be conveyed not only now but also into the future. This is what most of the time Midtown is doing particularly for the youth whose educational aspirations are fulfilled in their graduations from their courses; and by such academic achievements they have become prepared to participate in the development of the nation and all humanity. When Midtown prints student publications such as school yearbooks, magazines, folios, tabloids and broadsheets, it becomes a part of the proclaiming and publishing of those learning and academic achievements into which almost two decades of a human lifetime are devoted.

During the last few years, Midtown proceeded not only to print the pictures and the words, but also to capture those images and moments in academic life with photography; and have obtained the patronage of many schools, making the work at Midtown more value adding, and more nuanced. Then there is the Internet, the growth in the use of which is exponential, allowing the feasibility of integrating the communications tool into the service that Midtown provides. The online service that is in the Midtown website is a very clear example of where the business and the challenges will take place in the very near future.

This realization and actualization have caused the need to develop the human resource side of the business in terms of skills training, information, technology and management seminars, as well as hands on learning on new equipment and computers. Technological advances in print and communication when feasible are quickly embraced; thanks to suppliers and service providers that assist Midtown in its work to develop high quality printing and now also other media work.

The assembly of words and images in attractive designs is now also brought to the making of short promotional and documentary films. This is a nascent endeavor, but the enthusiasm of those who are involved indicate that this undertaking on film production will become a serious and important segment of the business of Midtown.