The Joy of Learning – Math Kinder 1

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The first six years of a child’s life are considered the most crucial in early skills and attitude development. It is, therefore, important that the experiences of a preschool child in a school setting be enjoyable, enriching and challenging.

This book introduces the child to the wonderful world of numbers. It includes basic facts like recognition of shapes, sizes, positional relations, number concepts, addition and subtraction sentences.

This book has been revised to comply with the learning competencies designed specifically for Kindergarten pupils in accordance with the K-12 curriculum. The book is student-friendly. Varied and challenging activities are provided to help the child practice and master the necessary skills. The illustrations are printed in full colors to capture and sustain the child’s interest in the lesson.

Through this book, we hope that the exploring mind of a preschool child will be introduced and exposed to the exciting world of mathematics.

Midtown Printing Co., Inc.