The Joy of Learning – Language Kinder 2 Level 3

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The first six years of a child’s life are considered the most crucial in early skills and attitude development. It is, therefore, important that the experiences of a preschool child in a school setting be enjoyable, enriching and challenging.

This book has been revised to comply with the learning competencies designed specifically for preschool children in accordance with the K-12 curriculum. The lessons were designed to answer to their needs and enhance their potential skill and interest.

This book also helps build the child’s vocabulary. The illustrations are printed in full color to appeal to the child’s visual preferences. To further enhance the development of basic communication skills in listening, speaking, reading, thinking and writing, a set of follow up activities are integrated at the end of each lesson.

Through this book, we are confident that preschool children will be fully equipped with the necessary skills when they enter grade school.

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