Prevention is [indeed] Better than Cure

Midtown Printing Co., Inc. supports the World Health Organization and UNAIDS’ campaign, “Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination. Zero AIDS Related Deaths”. In essence, the goal is to transform this generation’s culture by addressing the problem on HIV transmission. By 2015, there should be zero cases of HIV especially from the youth.

12 July 2012. “Positive,” an independent film by Arthur Zata, was screened at Holy Cross of Davao College as an eye-opener to students about HIV and AIDS.

“People with HIV should not be discriminated,” said Zata. He added that the film is primarily a social awareness for the next generation to understand what it feels to have HIV and end up discriminated. There is no cure for this but it is not airborne or transmittable through physical contact.

The film will be shown to various schools in Mindanao.

In partnership with the Commission on Higher Education, the Department of Health, LifeBox, and the 250 Global Steps Consultancy, Midtown holds on with these organizations to break the stigma, change primitive ideas and unfold new perspectives in HIV and AIDS.

Davao City’s Reproductive Health and Wellness Center (RHWC) recorded 262 cases of HIV patients (29 of which are reported dead). This is going to be a call for the upcoming generation, together with the government, to be more responsible for this societal deadlock.

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