Midtown Printing Company, Inc. recently acquired CTP from Heidelberg

True to its commit to continually improve its facilities and equipment, Midtown recently acquired a brand new computer-to-plate (CtP) machine, the Suprasetter A105 from Heidelberg. The first and only fully-automated CtP machine in the country to date, the Suprasetter A105 is capable of producing between 12 to 15 high quality plates per hour.

More than its impact in productivity, the more obvious advantage of computer-to-plate technology is the printing quality. In CtP, details of printed images come out sharper due to less dot gain as compared to the technology that preceded it, which was the cpomputer-to-film (CtF). In the CtF process, the files are output into a photographic film. From the film, the computer files are then replicated onto a printing plate. While in the CtP process, the files are transferred directly to a printing plate. Since the files are digitally transmitted to the printing plate. The incidence of human error is minimized, if not totally eradicated. With a highly efficient workflow system that speeds up production and one printing generation eliminated in the process using the CtP, printed goods reach the delivery lane as plotted, or even earlier, without compromising quality.

About two years ago, as the company was preparing the ground works for the CtP machine, Midtown installed in its digital imaging system several workflow software modules (e.g.: Signa Station, Color Management, and MetaDimension) which offer several screening options including hydbrid screening. These softwares, even with the then CtF technology, produced high screen resolutions that enhanced the overall quality of printed images. Now, with the CtP machine, customers can expect that Midtown can produce the highest printing quality possible.

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