Midtown congratulates TEDxAdDU

22 October 2012–– TEDxAdDU, the first independently organized TED event outside Metro Manila, recently concluded with an ardent  success. Participants left the Finster Hall with a handful of significant ideas, which they can use in bringing ideas worth spreading.

MPCI Congratulates TEDxAdDU

One of the noteworthy highlights that TEDxAdDU pitched was the final talk by Arvin Baker. It was about Arvin’s Grass Fire principle, wherein it was described as one’s passion in doing what he or she wants to do. It’s more than just about that fleeting moment where a person will tends to waiver and lose focus. It describes the power of willpower. The primary point was to change mindsets and break bad habits in order to fuel the willpower for passion.

Other speakers who graced the event were Karla Singson (Igniting Opportunities), Sara Dolatabadi (Why Patriotism Matters), and Noy Narciso (Soulmaking). Along with the actual speakers were video tie-ins from the TED Talk: Ken Robinson (Do Schools Kill Creativity) and Jill Taylor (The Stroke of Insight). Each esteemed speaker passionately shared their ideas based on their life story and how they turned their trials into triumphs.

The event ended with a short talk from the TEDxAdDU curator, Mick Basa, as he shared the primary purpose on why he was pushed to spearheading the event. The spark began when he watched Jill Taylor’s The Stroke of Insight, during that time when his aunt suffered from stroke. He then realized how powerful the brain works and how it can come up with ideas that are definitely worth spreading.

Furthermore, there were speculations that UP Mindanao will be organizing another TEDx event (probably tagged as, TEDxUPMin). Also, TEDxDavao.


As TEDxAdDU’s major sponsor, Midtown congratulates the event’s success.

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