Midtown 101: Blogging with Precision and Efficiency

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To further strengthen its online presence, Midtown organizes: midtown 101 blogging


What: Bloggers’ event (Midtown Printing Co., Inc.)
When: February 2, 2013; 1:30pm to 4:00pm
Who: Bloggers (invite-only)
Where: MPCI Bldg., Bonifacio St., Davao City

Midtown: Precision and Cost Efficiency

Given its 45th year in the corporate enterprise, Midtown lives up to its theme of the year: Treading with Precision and Cost Efficiency.

These are times of scarcity. Resources are getting scarce. There is one resource, however, that is intangible but has become very precious: time. (Gabriel Atega, MPCI President)

It has been the company’s undying principle to print with quality outputs, on-the-dot speed and excellent customer service. Midtown doesn’t only mind its own business. It also values yours. Seriously. Midtown gives prime to quality control and time management. With its scrupulous standard operating procedures and meticulous production staff, quality is guaranteed in full swing. It is also an extensive in-house company where you can meet graphic artists, proofreaders, digital imaging experts and administrative organizers.

“We don’t print yearbooks. We print memories.” (Midtown)

More than just printing hard-bound books of the graduates, Midtown makes sure that you will value your student life with the engraved memories you have shared with your schoolmates, teachers, staff and friends. That is why the company exudes a friendly connection with its clients (facilitator by day; friend by night) via yearbook and publication seminar workshops. Yearbook making may appear as tedious as it can be, but Midtown makes it as interesting as it will be. Truly, it pays to obtain quality. With Midtown, it is a clear-cut guarantee.


We believe that the same principle goes to blogging. As a blogger, you should keep in mind that time is of the essence. There should also be precision and efficiency in order to be excellent in what you do.

As part of the event’s perks and freebies, Midtown spearheads a “Free Photobook Printing” giveaway for one participating blogger of the event. The raffle will end on February 2, 2013.

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