5 Major Reasons Why You Need to Print Your Yearbooks in Midtown

Here are some of the essential reasons why you need to print your yearbooks in Midtown:

1. Decades of Solid Experience

We are already 45 years in the business. We have experienced the ups-and-downs of this industry. In other words, we know what we are doing. Started as a small-scale printer to becoming one of the leaders in the printing enterprise, Midtown believes that you deserve the best there is––(1) premium quality, (2) on-the-dot speed, and (3) excellent customer service.

45 Years Midtown

2. Premium Quality

We are directly affiliated with Heidelberg and HP. Known to be at the pinnacle of the print technology industry, Heidelberg Philippines never ceases to extend their expertise and prowess to our seasoned production staff. We have a strong quality control––with high-tech equipment and facilities to guarantee vibrant and dynamic output (see our company plant for proof).

We transitioned from IBM in the early 70’s to Apple computers in 1991. From then on, we are equipped with the necessary technology in bringing optimum results in quality printing. Apart from secured virus-free digital files, Apple computers are built for productivity. With this, we work with premium productivity which eventually translates into overall quality beyond expectations.

Apple and Midtown

Moreover, we do consistent monitor color calibration to ensure that––inasmuch as we major in quality––what you see is what you get.

3. On-the-dot Speed

Backed up by our up-to-date technology, we are faster. As much as possible, we don’t want to keep you waiting. At the same time, we don’t want to compromise quality. This is our challenge––keeping up with the weighing scale that balances out both speed and quality.

We use online CTP (computer-to-plate) technology. Plate, as what we may know, is that aluminum sheet used in bearing an image of type for printing. Here’s how it’s done:

Online CTP

Talk about speed. For file transfers, USB’s are not really necessary with our online file transfer protocol or FTP (Filezilla) via LAN network.

4. Excellent Customer Service

Our clients range from public to private institutions. We value each school. Our loyal clients stretch as far as Baguio City, northern portion of the country. Most of them are with us for decades and years now, and we sincerely hold them in high regard.

As part of our premium services, we conduct intensive yearbook seminars and workshops to deliberately communicate how we do things in order to be in sync with our partners. With our Fort Knox system, we want our clients to know how to obtain the best yearbook through these educational interactions.

Midtown Yearbook SeminarsIt’s either we go to your place, or you visit the largest city of the south, Davao City (tagged as, “Life is Here”). Your choice.

5. You Only Get to Print Your Yearbook Once

When you graduate, there’s no turning back. Same goes when you are with a wrong yearbook printing company. There’s no printing back.

We make sure that you will be able to preserve the memories you shared with your classmates in high school; your favorite teachers who changed your life; your award when your batch first won the cheer dance competition; or the bench beside the tall trees of your proud alma mater. In a word, nostalgia.

Midtown Yearbook Covers


These are just some of the countless reasons why you need to print your yearbooks in Midtown. Some people may say that we are a bit pricey in comparison to other printers. But would you compromise your quality for the sake of mediocrity? Probably not. Definitely not.

We are your Yearbook Printing Specialist and School Publication Expert.

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