5 Truths about Yearbook Printing

Midtown Printing1. The yearbook printer will never print the school yearbook without the yearbook staff’s “go” signal.

In other words, look for the staff first before lifting a finger against the yearbook printer.

2. If the staff is doing good, it’s the right time to blame the yearbook printer.

This is the perfect time to point a finger to the yearbook printer. What to do? Contact or go to the yearbook printer yourself and inquire. It doesn’t pain to ask because, after all, it is your right.

3. There are only two types of yearbooks.

First, we have the quality yearbooks (i.e. vivid color output, clean design, proper binding). Second, we have the opposite or the poor quality yearbooks. These are most likely printed without quality control. Or the yearbook staff weren’t properly oriented with the printer’s system and SOPs.

4. There are two types of quality.

Quality is vaguely defined. First, we have quality design. This is the job of the layout artists and graphic designers. It is the pre-process of the yearbook production. Second, we have the quality print output. This is for the post-process. It includes the binding, printing, and quality control.

5. You only get to print your yearbook once.

Simple reiteration of the previous post. Why not print with the best?

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