2012 Roundup. Hello, 2013.

2012 came by swiftly as Midtown entered its 45th year in the print industry. There were countless opportunities that were seized and considerable number of breakthroughs that transpired. Last year was a blast.

One of the highlights of 2012 was the company brand management.


Cutting-edge Technology.

Midtown was able catch up and take the lead on the latest trends in technology. In June 2012, the company launched the Student Online Systems (SOS). To better the system in data gathering and yearbook staff admin management, SOS came into the picture.

SOSAt 99.9% accuracy, a Student Online System (SOS) is a seamless solution to errors on graduate’s data manually input by the staff. With SOS, yearbook subscribers personally input their data and information to the system. Thus, errors on graduate’s data are eliminated, and data gathering is no longer as tedious.

From an orange-themed basic HTML website, Midtown improved its company website with a modern touch. Revolving around blue, white and gray, it introduces the 45th (sapphire) year web interface.


Minimalist. Sleek. Elegant. The website doesn’t just show itself off with the web design. It has a maximum functionality that will enrich the viewer’s interaction. Among the actionable capabilities is the ability to request a print quotation. Other user interactions are as follows: corporate newsletter subscription, online printing, students online systems for yearbook clients, and many more. It also lists the company clients along with their products (school publications, corporate collateral materials, yearbooks, etc.).


Aggressive Social Media Marketing.

Within a year, Midtown’s Facebook page reached more than 3,300 users in the online scene. Potential corporate and personal accounts continue to flock in the social media networks to inquire about their print needs. Twitter assisted company events for live documentation and company updates.

Midtown values innovation and along with it is the social media synergy. According to an eMarketer survey, nine out of ten businesses use social media for content marketing, search engine optimization and brand formation.

Social Media

Engaging Marketing Events and Activities.

Known to be the largest (in terms of land area) and latest mall in Davao City last year, SM Lanang Premier invited Midtown to take part of their grand opening on September 27, 2012. SM LP is also one of Midtown’s valued clients in Davao City.

Midtown bagged the Best Booth Design (Print and Label category) as it joined Mindanao’s most comprehensive machinery, equipment, products and service expo, Manufacturing Technology Davao 2012 at SMX Davao Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier, Davao City, last November 29 to December 2, 2012. Sales representatives were also able to expand their corporate connections and sales opportunities. The company also had the opportunity to exchange business cards with established suppliers and manufacturers that converged in the expo.

MTD 2012

Other major events and activities are as follows:TEDxAdDUTEDxAdDU. Midtown stretched its hand to TEDxAdDU, a local initiative by young professionals affiliated with the global organization, TED. Hosted by Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) together with event’s curator (Mick Basa), TEDxAdDU was concluded with a sleek success at the Finster Auditorium, AdDU on October 22, 2012. It revolved around the topic, “Fueling Human Interest”. Students and participating guests were ignited to share ideas worth spreading in the community.CEGP

College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines (CEGP): 72nd National Student Press Conference (NSPC). Held in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, the marketing team spearheaded a booth trade show to accompany Midtown’s event sponsorship on May 14-18, 2012. For years now, CEGP and Midtown have been solid partners in training the young journalists to publish quality school publication. Thousands of students and more than 700 school publications improve their organizational operation every year. Midtown will always say that supporting CEGP is worth it.


Interminable Corporate Social Responsibility.

Positive SotN
Midtown supports the efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAID to combat HIV/AIDS and terminate AIDS related deaths in 2015. The company sponsored two independent films, Positive and Positive: Silhouettes of the Night. These films were shown in a campus caravan all over the city to raise awareness in transforming this generation’s mindset and breaking the social stigma on how people indiscriminately view  HIV/AIDS instead of putting an end to it.

While everybody’s getting busy for the holidays, typhoon Pablo visited the southeastern part of the country which caused a catastrophic damage to Davao Oriental. Thousands of people suffered the unpredictable strike of the typhoon which effaced farms, business establishments, schools and homes.

Saint Mary’s School of Baganga, Midtown’s client in the province, was forced to stop their operation as Pablo destroyed its school buildings. Instead of enjoying the company’s holiday bash with the annual Christmas celebration, Midtown employees and the administration decided to offer their monetary and relief support to the victims of the said phenomenon.


2012 Awards and Recognitions.


Philippine Print Awards 2012 presented Midtown Printing Co., Inc. with two distinct awards at Hotel H20, Luneta 1000, Inside Manila Ocean Park, Manila last December 13.

Lycean 2012
Lycean 2012. “Best in Yearbook (4 colors) Category”
PMA Diary 2012. “Best in Case Bound Book (4 colors) Category”

These awards don’t just prove that Midtown has it takes to print quality. It also reassures that the hard work put by the people behind these products are never put to waste. Kudos and more power to the yearbook staff of Lycean 2012, publication staff of PMA 2012 and the MPCI employees who worked tirelessly to achieve quality beyond expectations.


2012 was definitely a year worth noting. Midtown will fervently serve its clients with premium quality printing, on-the-dot speed, and excellent customer service––no matter what. The company sends its heartfelt gratitude to those who participated in the events and everyone who were involved to make the company’s 2012 fantastic.

2013 will not be a year of the water snake. It will be a year of continuing success and breakthrough of the company in the print industry. It will be a year of quality printing. It will be the year of Midtown Printing Company Incorporated.

Needless to say, this year will be more exciting––for the best is yet to come.

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