Midtown Photography Innovates

Midtown Photography innovates!

As part of our commitment to quality and excellence, MPCI acquired Epson Sure Lab D3000 to ensure the consistency of quality from image capture down to photo printing.

Epson Sure Lab D3000 launched at SM Annex

This was launched to the public during Kadayawan Festival’s event – Mindanao Photography Expo 2013 at SM Annex. A 6 colors-photo printer that is best suited for commercial printing with a maximum output size of 12” x 48”.

Midtown Booth during Mindanao Photography Expo 2013 at SM Annex Photographers, customers, and mallers enjoying the free photo printing.

Your photos will be surely printed according to its precise color quality from panoramic outlook down to smallest photo ID.

What are you waiting for? Share your experience with us!

We print memories. We capture moments in time.

Midtown Printing Co., Inc. at LSPCON 2013

Midtown Printing Co., Inc. joined the annual La Sallian Press Conference held at Nature’s Village Resort Bacolod City last April 25-28, 2013. The press conference was themed “Media Redefined: Journalism 2.0”. This year, the event was hosted by The Spectrum together with The La Salle Yearbook of University of St. La Salle.

Maskara dancers during the opening of the event.
Maskara dancers during the opening of the event.

Various speakers from design and publications industry shared their experiences and tips about design, publications management, and trends related to design and publications

Graphic Designing by Inksurge (photo from The Spectrum Facebook page)
Graphic Designing by Inksurge (photo from The Spectrum Facebook page)

During the event, Midtown Printing Co., Inc. gave away various freebies and prices for the yearbook and publications staff. Midtown Printing also presented various yearbook and publications samples where the staff browsed and looked for ideas for their next yearbook and next issue of publications.

Publications staff from The Spectrum browsing our yearbook samples.
Publications staff from The Spectrum browsing our yearbook samples.

International Print Experts visit Midtown

Widely known as entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, PUM senior experts came all the way from Netherlands to Davao City, Philippines to keep Midtown posted with the global trends to strategically compete in the print industry. Two experts, Wim Dekkers and Jan Daems, spent more than two weeks to further improve the company’s system in its technical and management disciplines.

Dekkers and Daems 1

PUM Netherlands senior experts are highly skilled veteran entrepreneurs who commit their time to extend their assistance to developing countries all over the world in different industrial fields. The organization’s target is to globalize progressive companies to grow their businesses to the next level. Experts, with at least 30 years of experience, impart their working knowledge to developing companies to become growth engines for their local economies. “PUM” stands for Programma Uitzending Managers which means, Manager Deployment Programme.

The Yearbook Printing Specialist saw the need to embrace globalization with international trends in the print industry. Midtown, then, applied for PUM before 2005.

dekkers and rotoWim Dekkers is the founder of Dekkers van Gerwen while Jan Daems is the former director of Roto Smeets. Both senior experts have been providing their comprehensive consultancy to Midtown since October 2005. On January 5-20, 2013, Dekkers handled Midtown’s management and production operations. He applied his company’s philosophy on smart thinking and creative printing. Daems, on the other hand, evaluated Midtown’s quality printing. Roto Smeets prints Time magazine. With this in mind, it is a clear-cut guarantee that Daems knows what he is doing. He made sure that Midtown qualifies for ISO – 12647-2.

What is ISO – 12647-2?

ISO 12647-2 is the international standard in print and graphic technology. This encompasses the standard quality in process control for the production of half-tone color separations, proof and production prints.

With the efforts of Daems and Dekkers, Midtown continues to be at the cutting-edge of its expertise.

Dekkers and Daems 2

The Philippine economy grew 6.6% in 2012. This proves to show that our country is progressing fast. The evolving taste of the Filipinos transcends along with their affluent approach on architectural, technological and graphic design.

Midtown believes that, sooner or later, schools and universities will realize the value of quality printing. And that can only be experienced with Midtown.

Print with quality. Print with Midtown.

Midtown 101: Blogging with Precision and Efficiency

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To further strengthen its online presence, Midtown organizes: midtown 101 blogging


What: Bloggers’ event (Midtown Printing Co., Inc.)
When: February 2, 2013; 1:30pm to 4:00pm
Who: Bloggers (invite-only)
Where: MPCI Bldg., Bonifacio St., Davao City

Midtown: Precision and Cost Efficiency

Given its 45th year in the corporate enterprise, Midtown lives up to its theme of the year: Treading with Precision and Cost Efficiency.

These are times of scarcity. Resources are getting scarce. There is one resource, however, that is intangible but has become very precious: time. (Gabriel Atega, MPCI President)

It has been the company’s undying principle to print with quality outputs, on-the-dot speed and excellent customer service. Midtown doesn’t only mind its own business. It also values yours. Seriously. Midtown gives prime to quality control and time management. With its scrupulous standard operating procedures and meticulous production staff, quality is guaranteed in full swing. It is also an extensive in-house company where you can meet graphic artists, proofreaders, digital imaging experts and administrative organizers.

“We don’t print yearbooks. We print memories.” (Midtown)

More than just printing hard-bound books of the graduates, Midtown makes sure that you will value your student life with the engraved memories you have shared with your schoolmates, teachers, staff and friends. That is why the company exudes a friendly connection with its clients (facilitator by day; friend by night) via yearbook and publication seminar workshops. Yearbook making may appear as tedious as it can be, but Midtown makes it as interesting as it will be. Truly, it pays to obtain quality. With Midtown, it is a clear-cut guarantee.


We believe that the same principle goes to blogging. As a blogger, you should keep in mind that time is of the essence. There should also be precision and efficiency in order to be excellent in what you do.

As part of the event’s perks and freebies, Midtown spearheads a “Free Photobook Printing” giveaway for one participating blogger of the event. The raffle will end on February 2, 2013.

#MPCI101 (another event raffle)

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2012 Roundup. Hello, 2013.

2012 came by swiftly as Midtown entered its 45th year in the print industry. There were countless opportunities that were seized and considerable number of breakthroughs that transpired. Last year was a blast.

One of the highlights of 2012 was the company brand management.


Cutting-edge Technology.

Midtown was able catch up and take the lead on the latest trends in technology. In June 2012, the company launched the Student Online Systems (SOS). To better the system in data gathering and yearbook staff admin management, SOS came into the picture.

SOSAt 99.9% accuracy, a Student Online System (SOS) is a seamless solution to errors on graduate’s data manually input by the staff. With SOS, yearbook subscribers personally input their data and information to the system. Thus, errors on graduate’s data are eliminated, and data gathering is no longer as tedious.

From an orange-themed basic HTML website, Midtown improved its company website with a modern touch. Revolving around blue, white and gray, it introduces the 45th (sapphire) year web interface.


Minimalist. Sleek. Elegant. The website doesn’t just show itself off with the web design. It has a maximum functionality that will enrich the viewer’s interaction. Among the actionable capabilities is the ability to request a print quotation. Other user interactions are as follows: corporate newsletter subscription, online printing, students online systems for yearbook clients, and many more. It also lists the company clients along with their products (school publications, corporate collateral materials, yearbooks, etc.).


Aggressive Social Media Marketing.

Within a year, Midtown’s Facebook page reached more than 3,300 users in the online scene. Potential corporate and personal accounts continue to flock in the social media networks to inquire about their print needs. Twitter assisted company events for live documentation and company updates.

Midtown values innovation and along with it is the social media synergy. According to an eMarketer survey, nine out of ten businesses use social media for content marketing, search engine optimization and brand formation.

Social Media

Engaging Marketing Events and Activities.

Known to be the largest (in terms of land area) and latest mall in Davao City last year, SM Lanang Premier invited Midtown to take part of their grand opening on September 27, 2012. SM LP is also one of Midtown’s valued clients in Davao City.

Midtown bagged the Best Booth Design (Print and Label category) as it joined Mindanao’s most comprehensive machinery, equipment, products and service expo, Manufacturing Technology Davao 2012 at SMX Davao Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier, Davao City, last November 29 to December 2, 2012. Sales representatives were also able to expand their corporate connections and sales opportunities. The company also had the opportunity to exchange business cards with established suppliers and manufacturers that converged in the expo.

MTD 2012

Other major events and activities are as follows:TEDxAdDUTEDxAdDU. Midtown stretched its hand to TEDxAdDU, a local initiative by young professionals affiliated with the global organization, TED. Hosted by Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) together with event’s curator (Mick Basa), TEDxAdDU was concluded with a sleek success at the Finster Auditorium, AdDU on October 22, 2012. It revolved around the topic, “Fueling Human Interest”. Students and participating guests were ignited to share ideas worth spreading in the community.CEGP

College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines (CEGP): 72nd National Student Press Conference (NSPC). Held in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, the marketing team spearheaded a booth trade show to accompany Midtown’s event sponsorship on May 14-18, 2012. For years now, CEGP and Midtown have been solid partners in training the young journalists to publish quality school publication. Thousands of students and more than 700 school publications improve their organizational operation every year. Midtown will always say that supporting CEGP is worth it.


Interminable Corporate Social Responsibility.

Positive SotN
Midtown supports the efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAID to combat HIV/AIDS and terminate AIDS related deaths in 2015. The company sponsored two independent films, Positive and Positive: Silhouettes of the Night. These films were shown in a campus caravan all over the city to raise awareness in transforming this generation’s mindset and breaking the social stigma on how people indiscriminately view  HIV/AIDS instead of putting an end to it.

While everybody’s getting busy for the holidays, typhoon Pablo visited the southeastern part of the country which caused a catastrophic damage to Davao Oriental. Thousands of people suffered the unpredictable strike of the typhoon which effaced farms, business establishments, schools and homes.

Saint Mary’s School of Baganga, Midtown’s client in the province, was forced to stop their operation as Pablo destroyed its school buildings. Instead of enjoying the company’s holiday bash with the annual Christmas celebration, Midtown employees and the administration decided to offer their monetary and relief support to the victims of the said phenomenon.


2012 Awards and Recognitions.


Philippine Print Awards 2012 presented Midtown Printing Co., Inc. with two distinct awards at Hotel H20, Luneta 1000, Inside Manila Ocean Park, Manila last December 13.

Lycean 2012
Lycean 2012. “Best in Yearbook (4 colors) Category”
PMA Diary 2012. “Best in Case Bound Book (4 colors) Category”

These awards don’t just prove that Midtown has it takes to print quality. It also reassures that the hard work put by the people behind these products are never put to waste. Kudos and more power to the yearbook staff of Lycean 2012, publication staff of PMA 2012 and the MPCI employees who worked tirelessly to achieve quality beyond expectations.


2012 was definitely a year worth noting. Midtown will fervently serve its clients with premium quality printing, on-the-dot speed, and excellent customer service––no matter what. The company sends its heartfelt gratitude to those who participated in the events and everyone who were involved to make the company’s 2012 fantastic.

2013 will not be a year of the water snake. It will be a year of continuing success and breakthrough of the company in the print industry. It will be a year of quality printing. It will be the year of Midtown Printing Company Incorporated.

Needless to say, this year will be more exciting––for the best is yet to come.

Manufacturing Technology Davao 2012

Dear friends,

Midtown would like to thank those who participated our booth activities and events at the SMX Davao Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier, on November 29 to December 2, 2012. We truly appreciated your time and effort.

Midtown Logo ShotTo those who dropped by, thank you. To those who dropped their business cards or wrote their names and contact details in our blank business cards, thank you. To those who received a text message for the free “business card printing” coupon, congratulations. To those who congratulated us in winning the Best Booth Design for the Print and Label category, thank you very much. To those who got hold of our MPCI calendars, you’re welcome. To those who received our awesome marketing collateral materials, you’re welcome too.

Midtown President and Vice President
(L-R) Gabriel B. Atega (President) and Marissa C. Atega (Vice President)

Booth 1

Best Booth Design

Students checking out the booth

Photoshoot for Best Booth Design

We hope to see you next time.

Alpha Atega together with Midtown Sales Representatives
(L-R) Alpha Atega (AVP for Print and Production), together with Midtown Sales Representatives


Midtown Printing Co., Inc.
Bonifacio St., Davao City 8000
(032) 221-3202; info@midtown.com.ph

5 Truths about Yearbook Printing

Midtown Printing1. The yearbook printer will never print the school yearbook without the yearbook staff’s “go” signal.

In other words, look for the staff first before lifting a finger against the yearbook printer.

2. If the staff is doing good, it’s the right time to blame the yearbook printer.

This is the perfect time to point a finger to the yearbook printer. What to do? Contact or go to the yearbook printer yourself and inquire. It doesn’t pain to ask because, after all, it is your right.

3. There are only two types of yearbooks.

First, we have the quality yearbooks (i.e. vivid color output, clean design, proper binding). Second, we have the opposite or the poor quality yearbooks. These are most likely printed without quality control. Or the yearbook staff weren’t properly oriented with the printer’s system and SOPs.

4. There are two types of quality.

Quality is vaguely defined. First, we have quality design. This is the job of the layout artists and graphic designers. It is the pre-process of the yearbook production. Second, we have the quality print output. This is for the post-process. It includes the binding, printing, and quality control.

5. You only get to print your yearbook once.

Simple reiteration of the previous post. Why not print with the best?

Midtown will see you in SMX Davao

To showcase quality beyond expectations, Midtown will be participating in a 4-day booth exhibit at the Mindanao Technology Davao 2012 on November 29 to December 2, 2012.

MTD 2012

Among the services and products that will be showcased are:

  • Yearbook Printing
  • Corporate and Marketing Collateral Printing
  • Web-to-print (online printing)
  • Your Guide Magazine
  • Photography and Multimedia
  • Book Publishing

Freebies Alert!

As you drop by our booth, don’t forget to drop your business cards for a chance to win free business card printing and a package of collateral materials (notebooks, memopads, calendars, bookmarks) and freebies.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get hold of Midtown’s awesome line of notebooks.

Midtown Notebooks

See you there!

5 Major Reasons Why You Need to Print Your Yearbooks in Midtown

Here are some of the essential reasons why you need to print your yearbooks in Midtown:

1. Decades of Solid Experience

We are already 45 years in the business. We have experienced the ups-and-downs of this industry. In other words, we know what we are doing. Started as a small-scale printer to becoming one of the leaders in the printing enterprise, Midtown believes that you deserve the best there is––(1) premium quality, (2) on-the-dot speed, and (3) excellent customer service.

45 Years Midtown

2. Premium Quality

We are directly affiliated with Heidelberg and HP. Known to be at the pinnacle of the print technology industry, Heidelberg Philippines never ceases to extend their expertise and prowess to our seasoned production staff. We have a strong quality control––with high-tech equipment and facilities to guarantee vibrant and dynamic output (see our company plant for proof).

We transitioned from IBM in the early 70’s to Apple computers in 1991. From then on, we are equipped with the necessary technology in bringing optimum results in quality printing. Apart from secured virus-free digital files, Apple computers are built for productivity. With this, we work with premium productivity which eventually translates into overall quality beyond expectations.

Apple and Midtown

Moreover, we do consistent monitor color calibration to ensure that––inasmuch as we major in quality––what you see is what you get.

3. On-the-dot Speed

Backed up by our up-to-date technology, we are faster. As much as possible, we don’t want to keep you waiting. At the same time, we don’t want to compromise quality. This is our challenge––keeping up with the weighing scale that balances out both speed and quality.

We use online CTP (computer-to-plate) technology. Plate, as what we may know, is that aluminum sheet used in bearing an image of type for printing. Here’s how it’s done:

Online CTP

Talk about speed. For file transfers, USB’s are not really necessary with our online file transfer protocol or FTP (Filezilla) via LAN network.

4. Excellent Customer Service

Our clients range from public to private institutions. We value each school. Our loyal clients stretch as far as Baguio City, northern portion of the country. Most of them are with us for decades and years now, and we sincerely hold them in high regard.

As part of our premium services, we conduct intensive yearbook seminars and workshops to deliberately communicate how we do things in order to be in sync with our partners. With our Fort Knox system, we want our clients to know how to obtain the best yearbook through these educational interactions.

Midtown Yearbook SeminarsIt’s either we go to your place, or you visit the largest city of the south, Davao City (tagged as, “Life is Here”). Your choice.

5. You Only Get to Print Your Yearbook Once

When you graduate, there’s no turning back. Same goes when you are with a wrong yearbook printing company. There’s no printing back.

We make sure that you will be able to preserve the memories you shared with your classmates in high school; your favorite teachers who changed your life; your award when your batch first won the cheer dance competition; or the bench beside the tall trees of your proud alma mater. In a word, nostalgia.

Midtown Yearbook Covers


These are just some of the countless reasons why you need to print your yearbooks in Midtown. Some people may say that we are a bit pricey in comparison to other printers. But would you compromise your quality for the sake of mediocrity? Probably not. Definitely not.

We are your Yearbook Printing Specialist and School Publication Expert.

Midtown congratulates TEDxAdDU

22 October 2012–– TEDxAdDU, the first independently organized TED event outside Metro Manila, recently concluded with an ardent  success. Participants left the Finster Hall with a handful of significant ideas, which they can use in bringing ideas worth spreading.

MPCI Congratulates TEDxAdDU

One of the noteworthy highlights that TEDxAdDU pitched was the final talk by Arvin Baker. It was about Arvin’s Grass Fire principle, wherein it was described as one’s passion in doing what he or she wants to do. It’s more than just about that fleeting moment where a person will tends to waiver and lose focus. It describes the power of willpower. The primary point was to change mindsets and break bad habits in order to fuel the willpower for passion.

Other speakers who graced the event were Karla Singson (Igniting Opportunities), Sara Dolatabadi (Why Patriotism Matters), and Noy Narciso (Soulmaking). Along with the actual speakers were video tie-ins from the TED Talk: Ken Robinson (Do Schools Kill Creativity) and Jill Taylor (The Stroke of Insight). Each esteemed speaker passionately shared their ideas based on their life story and how they turned their trials into triumphs.

The event ended with a short talk from the TEDxAdDU curator, Mick Basa, as he shared the primary purpose on why he was pushed to spearheading the event. The spark began when he watched Jill Taylor’s The Stroke of Insight, during that time when his aunt suffered from stroke. He then realized how powerful the brain works and how it can come up with ideas that are definitely worth spreading.

Furthermore, there were speculations that UP Mindanao will be organizing another TEDx event (probably tagged as, TEDxUPMin). Also, TEDxDavao.


As TEDxAdDU’s major sponsor, Midtown congratulates the event’s success.

Embracing Innovation; Sharing Ideas

MTD 2012

Midtown participates in the first Mindanao Technology Davao (MTD) 2012, tagged as Mindanao’s most comprehensive machinery, equipment, products and service expo.

Organized by Gloabal Link MP Events International, the MTD 2012 will take place in SMX Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier on November 29 to December 2, 2012.

Midtown will be showcasing its premium quality products and excellent print services. As the Yearbook Printing Specialist, yearbooks from as far as Baguio City will be featured in the said expo. School yearbooks include:

De La Salle University, LYCEUM, Paref Woodrose, Philippine Military Academy, Philippine National Police Academy, Silliman University, University of Saint La Salle, University of Immaculate Conception, San Pedro College, University of Mindanao, and many others.

MPCICorporate, one of Midtown’s divisions, will feature its Web2Print service wherein you can print online to avoid the line. Good thing about this is that the products printed online are A-B-C: affordable, brilliant, and convenient. With three simple steps, you can easily have your corporate collateral (brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.) printed in a breeze.

Visit www.mpcicorporate.com for more information.


Other featured service is the B2B service. For collateral materials of business enterprises or corporate establishments, you can now store your soft files for future re-printing purposes via your company portal.

These are just some of the interesting things to look forward to with Midtown’s potent capabilities.

MPCI partners with TEDxAdDU

Midtown continues to celebrate innovation as it reaches its 45th year in the print industry. Midtown doesn’t want to keep up with the Joneses. Among the company’s highlights in innovation are the Student Online Services (SOS)MPCICorporate CollageWeb2Print Solutions, and many others.

MPCI meets TED

Midtown stretches its hand to TEDxAdDU, a local initiative by young professionals affiliated with the global organization, TED. Hosted by Ateneo de Davao University (yearbook and publication client) together with TEDxAdDU curator (Mick Basa), the event will take place at the Finster Auditorium, AdDU on October 22, 2012. It will revolve around the topic, “Fueling Human Interest”.

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences — the TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh UK each summer — TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and TED Conversations, the inspiring TED Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize. (click here to know more about TED)

Similar to TED’s mission, which is to spread ideas, Midtown fervently spreads the idea of what it is to print quality. Not just print with quality, but print quality.

Prevention is [indeed] Better than Cure

Midtown Printing Co., Inc. supports the World Health Organization and UNAIDS’ campaign, “Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination. Zero AIDS Related Deaths”. In essence, the goal is to transform this generation’s culture by addressing the problem on HIV transmission. By 2015, there should be zero cases of HIV especially from the youth.

12 July 2012. “Positive,” an independent film by Arthur Zata, was screened at Holy Cross of Davao College as an eye-opener to students about HIV and AIDS.

“People with HIV should not be discriminated,” said Zata. He added that the film is primarily a social awareness for the next generation to understand what it feels to have HIV and end up discriminated. There is no cure for this but it is not airborne or transmittable through physical contact.

The film will be shown to various schools in Mindanao.

In partnership with the Commission on Higher Education, the Department of Health, LifeBox, and the 250 Global Steps Consultancy, Midtown holds on with these organizations to break the stigma, change primitive ideas and unfold new perspectives in HIV and AIDS.

Davao City’s Reproductive Health and Wellness Center (RHWC) recorded 262 cases of HIV patients (29 of which are reported dead). This is going to be a call for the upcoming generation, together with the government, to be more responsible for this societal deadlock.

Behind the School Yearbook Printing Specialist

This printer transforms students’ cherished memories of school life into print. Through its commitment and passion it has become a leader in quality yearbooks and more – by Jessie Loh

Midtown Printing has certainly made a name for itself in the school yearbook segment. Founded in 1967 in the southern part of Davao in the Philippines, Midtown Printing like many other businesses had humble beginnings. The business started with the simple motivation of supplementing income for the founders’ seven school-age children.

“My parents-in-law, the founders of Midtown Printing Co., Inc., were professionals, an accountant and a school teacher. Their children were diligent and studious and all of them attended top schools in the country. As loving parents, they had to give strong support to everyone of them, but the sums fell short”,? says Gabriel B. Atega, President of Midtown Printing Co., Inc., who manages the company with his wife Marissa and son Alfie.

“To supplement their income, they decided to set up a small business on the side. Thus Midtown Printing was born and letterpress technology was used for the printing of jobs such as business forms and stationery. Business expanded when my brother-in-law took over and introduced offset technology into the pressroom. This marked the beginning of our venture into the school yearbook sector. With superior pressroom prowess, we quickly established dominance in this area.”?

Not content with this, Atega also introduced a better computerized system to the printing business to increase efficiency. The company was also preparing the ground work for a computer-to-plate (CtP) machine. Midtown installed a digital imaging system, several workflow software modules like Signa Station, a colour management solution and Meta Dimension software. This offered several screening options including hydrid screening. Recently, they have installed a new CtP system – Heidelberg Suprasetter A105. Now with the CtP machine, customers can expect Midtown to produce the highest printing quality possible.

Atega says, “A first in this part of the country, the fully automated Suprasetter A105 is capable of producing between 12 to 15 high quality plates per hour. Before we adopted Heidelberg, we had support issues and we experienced hiccups in integrating different technologies. There was a lot of finger pointing from different technology suppliers. By having one technology supplier, we are able to avoid this issue. Our strength lies in the speed of our delivery and the quality of our output. We cannot compromise on this and we are working 24/7 in order to meet expectations.

“We have been doing school yearbooks and school publications for many years and we need to establish new standards for the industry. We constantly think of ideas on how to improve the quality and uniqueness of the yearbook. We have integrated modules of digital production processes to the production system to improve colour and utilise the ability to tweak colour to suit colour preferences from job to job. We then translate those preferences into specific and accurate instructions for production. Future technology investment is also in the pipeline as we believe it is one of the integral parts of our success.”?

“To diversify and increase our presence in the local printing market, we entered into magazine and book publishing. We realized that the quality and standard of children’s exercise books in the domestic market were appalling. As parents ourselves we felt that we needed to do something. That is the primary reason why we decided to open a division to print and publish children’s exercise books. We placed emphasis on the colour and print quality and we collaborated with good school teachers in the region to come up with interesting content for these high quality school exercise books.

“Over the last decade we have continued to expand Midtown Printing’s range of services, which now includes photography and multimedia services. From a small-scale printer, it is now the premier publishing house in the south with two regular magazines and over 50 book titles in the market”? Atega added.

HPh HEI Lights 2009 – Seminar and Workshop at Visayas and Mindanao Region

With the objective of continuously reaching out and educate print partners on solutions and strategies to fully utilize production and lower down overhead costs, Heidelberg Philippines has once again staged its 5th SEMINAR and WORKSHOP (HEI LIGHTS 2009) to all printers in Visayas and Mindanao region.

APO VIEW HOTEL and MIDTOWN PRINTING CO. (July 8, 2009) – More than 100 people from all provinces in Mindanao region have invested their time and witnessed Heidelberg’s One-Stop-Shop solution which covers all areas from print production – from Pre-press, Press, Post-press, to 3S (supplies, spare parts and services). Actual demo on proper application of consumable products to maintain the equipment on its top performance and eliminate potential downtime will not be a reality if without the unselfish participation of Midtown Printing who open their doors to all print colleagues in the region.

“It was indeed worth our investment to come and participate in this Heidelberg seminar and workshop”, said one printer from Zamboanga City.

MARCO POLO HOTEL , CEBU CITY (July 10, 2009) – More than 80 people from all provinces in Visayas region have invested their time and witnessed Heidelberg’s One-Stop- Shop solution which covers all areas from print production – from Pre-press, Press, Post-press, to 3S (supplies, spare parts and services). There was a lively open discussion, participants had a chance to ask various questions and seek solutions about problems that they have encountered in printing and the presenters were able to deliver answers to their queries.

“The seminar was insightful”, said one printer from Cebu City.

Midtown Printing Company, Inc. recently acquired CTP from Heidelberg

True to its commit to continually improve its facilities and equipment, Midtown recently acquired a brand new computer-to-plate (CtP) machine, the Suprasetter A105 from Heidelberg. The first and only fully-automated CtP machine in the country to date, the Suprasetter A105 is capable of producing between 12 to 15 high quality plates per hour.

More than its impact in productivity, the more obvious advantage of computer-to-plate technology is the printing quality. In CtP, details of printed images come out sharper due to less dot gain as compared to the technology that preceded it, which was the cpomputer-to-film (CtF). In the CtF process, the files are output into a photographic film. From the film, the computer files are then replicated onto a printing plate. While in the CtP process, the files are transferred directly to a printing plate. Since the files are digitally transmitted to the printing plate. The incidence of human error is minimized, if not totally eradicated. With a highly efficient workflow system that speeds up production and one printing generation eliminated in the process using the CtP, printed goods reach the delivery lane as plotted, or even earlier, without compromising quality.

About two years ago, as the company was preparing the ground works for the CtP machine, Midtown installed in its digital imaging system several workflow software modules (e.g.: Signa Station, Color Management, and MetaDimension) which offer several screening options including hydbrid screening. These softwares, even with the then CtF technology, produced high screen resolutions that enhanced the overall quality of printed images. Now, with the CtP machine, customers can expect that Midtown can produce the highest printing quality possible.